What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is a time for your own inward journey.  This journey will be experienced in the deep frequencies of sound.  Feel your way through a myriad of tonal vibrations.  Sound Healing instruments may include Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Tongue drum, Sansula, chimes, Koshi, flutes and more.  A sound bath is a sonic vacation, no skills required.  Make yourself comfortable sit or lie down as you let the sounds wash over you.  Some sounds shake up and move energy, other sounds take you into deep relaxation.  Sit with these sounds and allow yourself to be curious as to what these sounds bring up for you. A Sound Bath allows you to clear your emotional field by sitting with your emotions as they rise up and practicing letting them go.  The Key ingredient in a Sound experience is getting quiet and sitting with whatever comes up.  Allowing the mix of Sound Bath and modern sounds to be heard and released.  




Tara Semple 

Bachelor of Music, University of Toronto Flute Performance

Regina Symphony Orchestra, assistant principal flute and piccolo

Artistic Director and performer,               Per Sonatori Baroque Ensemble

Director of the Quarter Tones Flute Ensemble, Rusty Flute Club, The Flute Project and Phlute Choir

Tara is a passionate member of the musical community in Regina.  She has an active flute studio and performs as well as directs in a variety of ensembles in the city.  Tara has recorded on many CD projects as well as numerous jingles and television soundtracks.

Tara has been expanding her musical practice into the world of sound healing.  She has moved from the classical and baroque world towards supporting her inward sound journey.  She has taken courses with Tony Nec (Sound Healing Academy, England), 'Kaasay' Nancy Watters (singing bowls, Victoria), Jeralyn Glass (singing bowls, California), Dr. Julie Zepp (writing, and personal growth, Regina), Chloe Goodchild (The Naked Voice, England) Dr. Stacey Bliss (gong, Calgary). Tara has also participated in multiple sound healing summits.

Shunyata Sound Studio opened its doors September of 2021, in the Knox-Metropolitan Chapel, where Tara regularly hosts sound bath experiences.  She is a sound alchemist working with crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drums, sansula and a variety of flutes. 

Her newest musical offering is the Sun Series. A Concert/Sound Bath expression offered near the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox.  

                        Tara Semple

                 Intuitive Sound Musician

Sun Series

The Sun Series is a new Concert/Sound Bath offering.  This series premiered with 'A Solstice Sounding' on Dec 21, 2021.  This offering is a unique combination of concert music of the heart, inspired word, and  Sound Bath experience. Each offering will include a guest artist who will share music that deeply resonates with them. Dr. Julie Zepp will host this series, opening and closing sacred space, and sharing inspired words for each offering. The improvised Sound Bath will consist of gongs, crystal bowls, drums, shakers, sansula and more. The series will be held in the gym of Knox-Metropolitan United Church. Please bring a blanket and a pillow to ensure your comfort as you are invited to close your eyes and lie down to enjoy this series. Looking forward to meeting you in the sound field.   

Spring Equinox

Sun Series Tickets

Sun Series Concerts

Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2022

Spring Equinox  March 19, 7:00

Summer Solstice  June 21, 7:00

Autumn Equinox   


tickets now on sale



Manitou Waters

Exciting Offering once again at the beautiful Manitou Waters.  Details to follow Save the date...August 25/26

Sun Series Photos

Shunyata Studio Sound Baths

     Shunyata Sound Studio, in the Chapel of Knox-Metropolitan United Church, invites you to a Sound Bath experience.  

Close your eyes, take in a deep, slow breath, release your day and allow the frequency of sound to wash over you. Take time for  a journey of self discovery, listen deeply and hear what is in your own heart. The Sound Bath includes a variety of instruments, gongs, crystal bowls, drums and chimes to support you on your inner journey. Bring your own pillow and blanket. Cushions will be provided. Please arrive 10 minutes early to get settled.

Looking forward to meeting you in the sound field.  Tara


Sound Bath Bookings


I have many people coming in for a private sessions, a couple bath, a birthday party, a family gathering, a girls night etc.  So gather your people and send me an email @ tarasemple@sasktel.net and we can set this up.  


My minimum price is $100.00. (4 people or less is $100.00)

Groups are $25.00 a person with a maximum of 18 people.


Hope to see you in the Sound Field

Your Sound Alchemist









Shunyata Studio Photos

A Solstice Sounding

 A song of process - inspired by Betty Lou's vulnerable share. 





Sovereign Queen     Tara Semple

The sands of time slip through our fingers                                                            Until our eyes take the light
Messages from soul, it lingers
Our voice, our eyes, our light 

Sovereign Queen is calling, calling 
Life pulls together when you are falling.                                                      Contraction, Expansion, moving and broken                                                             Listen to the words not yet spoken 

With falling apart illusions are crumbling 
The well crafted story unwinds 
The walls you mortared cemented in place                                                             No longer hold water and now are displaced 

The weight is not lifted the mask has grown thin                                                    The true self can not fit in 
She twists, transforms, new spaces she finds                                                 Daylight & movement for the very first time 

If you could see the you we see, imperfect raw and real                                       You know how love truly feels 
Opening your heart, allowing others to come in                                               Creates a richer life, than you could ever dream 

The sands of time slips through our fingers                                                         Until our eyes take the light 
Messages from soul it lingers 
Our voice, our eyes our light                                                                               Our voice, our guide, our light

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      Dancing till Your Body Drops        Tara Semple

Dancing till your body drops,  Singing till the music stops, Everything but slowing down, Whispering your own true sound

Father Time licks wounds of action,  Mother earth supports our lack, Sister moon lights roads of passage, So we can find our true way back

Chasing threads of worldly wonders, Sealed up lips, words swallowed in,  Locked up, shut down, no purpose,  Open up, let rise and surface 

Whisperings of inner truth, Winds of time they fall forlorn, Wisdom of the modern ages, Calling out to birth, be born

Divine we are, divine we be, Allowing light for all to see, Salvation held, creative muse, Drop deep within, be held be used